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Your Experts in Vision and screens

All eyes on the big screen.

There'll be at least a few eyeballs on your screen at any given moment - that's why your screens need to look amazing and technicians need to be completely reliable. We know better than anyone that presentations don't always go to plan, run sheets can change last minute, extra content needs to be prepared, and that the USB you checked three times has somehow just corrupted. We design our vision systems to include redundancy and maximise flexibility. From corporate to concert events, our experienced staff have everything covered so that your presentation, video or visuals will run perfectly - including preparation and triple checking of content prior to the event. Read more about the way we go about our work.

LED Screen hire on any scale.

LED Screens are used at countless different types of events. Whether it's a 9m wide screen for an outdoor concert stage backdrop, a smaller screen for an indoor presentation or multiple screens around an event, LED is the most versatile and powerful vision option available on the market. By taking advantage of weatherproof panels and the option to build in almost any shape and size, extremely creative solutions become possible. We'll take time to understand your event's needs and develop an LED screen solution that will look great and add value to your brand. That also includes all the requirements that come with it, including audio, rigging, and content management!

Projection mapping limited only by your imagination.

Projectors aren't just limited to the class room. They do what no other vision technology can and don't require a flat screen, meaning we can project onto walls, stage sets, trees, floors - even entire buildings. Turn your space into an immersive experience for attendees, or get creative with a presentation. If you've something to project, and something to project onto - let's talk!

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