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Our DIY Hiring Conditions

Please note, unless otherwise arranged, equipment is due back by C.O.B the next day (excluding Sundays).

If you have any questions regarding these conditions, feel free to contact the team.

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In this hire contract. Icon AV refers to the business known as "Icon Audio Visual", which carries on the business of hiring and operating lighting, sound and staging equipment.


By signing this contract the hirer acknowledges to have this day received delivery of the equipment in good repair and no claim or objection thereafter shall be made admissible.


The hirer agrees with Icon AV that during the hire period they shall:


Maintain the equipment in good order and have no authority to authorise repair or other costs.


Not part with personal control of the equipment.


Maintain the equipment in good order and have no authority to authorise repair or other costs.


Return the equipment to Icon AV promptly at the end of the hire by COB on the return date otherwise an additional days hire will be charged.


Promptly pay in cash all the charges on the hire contract without demand BEFORE TAKING DELIVERY OF THE EQUIPMENT except where Icon AV in its absolute discretion agrees to allow the hire credit in which case failure to pay within 7-day period will result in repossession of the equipment by Icon AV and the charge of interest at the rate of 3% per calendar month payment is made in full.


Shall peacefully permit Icon AV employees or their agents full access to the equipment at all times for the purpose of servicing and if necessary repossession of the equipment if hire conditions are breached.


Shall pay Icon AV any reasonable costs including legal expenses incurred by repossession of the equipment and recovery of monies owed to Icon AV plus all fees and disbursements and charges.


Shall not remove nor allow to be removed the equipment from the state of Western Australia without first obtaining the written consent of Icon AV.


The hirer shall be responsible for any loss or damage to the equipment and loss or damaged caused to any person or property as a result of the hirer's use of the equipment. The hirer shall be responsible from the time delivery is taken until Icon AV has taken delivery of all equipment covered in the contract. The hirer agrees to return all equipment in the same condition as it was when rented to them, failure to do so, the hirer agrees to pay full replacement costs of all equipment lost, damaged, or stolen to Icon AV within 7 days of the loss, damage or theft. Furthermore, all equipment must be returned clean and in proper working condition.


If the equipment is picked up or delivered by Icon AV to an agent or persons designated by the hirer, responsibility for care of the equipment shall still rest with the hirer.

It shall be at "Icon AV's" discretion to determine the cause of fixture/lamp failure and to replace or charge the hirer cost of replacement. Spares will be provided only after a suitable bond has been lodged and will be refunded on the spares intact return in good condition. All damaged equipment including lamps must be returned to Icon AV for assessment of damage.